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Breed: Hafflinger

Age: 21

Color: Palomino

Programs: Independent Riding, Hippotherapy, Therapeutic Riding, Carriage Driving

Waldo is a 21 year old Haflinger. Waldo is the only horse at HETRA that participates in all of HETRA’s programs! He is great for Therapeutic Riding, the therapists love his broad back and short height for Hippotherapy, he is fantastic to ride Independently, he helps with the Veterans sessions, AND he pulls the carriage for Carriage Driving! He’s a busy boy! Waldo has been part of the HETRA herd for 11 years.

Waldo is currently seeking a sponsor!  If you are interested in sponsoring Waldo or learning more about our Horse Sponsoship program please contact Lisa Shkolnick at (402) 359-8830 or