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“Drive To Ride” Campaign

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September 1 – December 31, 2016

“Drive 2 Ride” is one of HETRA’s main fundraising events of the year, and it’s an amazing opportunity for all HETRA families and their supporters to join in on the fundraising effort that supports the HETRA Student Sponsorship Fund.  In 2015, Drive 2 Ride raised a total of $64,154! Our goal in 2016 is $70,000. 

Why Drive 2 Ride?

Did you know:   The average expense to HETRA is $141 per Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy session?  Our families, however, pay only a fraction of that cost:   $30  –  $55.

How do we do it?   Through Drive 2 Ride and additional funds raised throughout the year that support HETRA’s Student Sponsorship Fund.  *HETRA also provides confidential scholarships for families in greater need.

For an individual with a disability, many hours can be spent indoors in clinical, medical settings each week working on motor control, balance and strength.

Imagine the difference receiving
therapy outdoors, with fresh air,
under blue skies . . .
all while sitting on a 1,300 lb. horse!

Every time a participant mounts a horse, 30 minutes . . . once a week, they are receiving benefits such as improved core strength, balance, coordination, cognitive development and self – esteem.  Often times over a relatively short period of time, the results can have a profound impact on their quality of life.

When you donate to a Drive 2 Ride Team, you also help that participant earn FREE HETRA Equine Sessions!*

Teams raising $500:          Earn $100 discount toward Sessions

Teams raising $1,000:       Earn one 12 week HETRA Course

Teams raising $2,000:       Earn two 12 week HETRA Courses

… and so forth.  For every $1,000 raised, teams earn a free HETRA Course, up to 4 courses for the year.