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Horse Penny Race

2017 HETRA Horse of the Year Penny Race EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS!
20 Teams raised a total of $29,119!!!!!  
We beat our overall goal of $24,000. 
To put it into perspective, last year’s HOTY race raised $19,437.  That’s almost $10,000 more this year. Amazing Teams!!!!!  Amazing Donors!!!!!
In case you missed the HOTY announcement… we have some very exciting news to share!  
In 5th Place:  TEAM GEORGIE!  Raised $ 2,164.  

In 4th Place:  TEAM ELLIE!  Raised $ 2,346. 

In 3rd Place:  TEAM ALI!  Raised $2,733. 
In 2nd Place:  TEAM DIAMOND!  Raised $3,825

And HOTY (Horse of the Year) goes to CHARM!  Raised $4,047!  

Thank you to ALL of our Team Captains and Team Members!  We are so very proud of our staff and volunteers who led this amazing campaign
to raise the much needed funds to take care of our entire HETRA herd!
Additional prizes were also awarded to the following:
Most $ raised in February: Team Red
Most $ raised in March: Team Lady
Most $ raised in April: Team Star
Most $ raised in May: Team Honey
Most $ raised in the Penny Jars at the Barn: Team Minis
Most individual donors: Team Jewel
Most $ raised at the Texas Roadhouse fundraiser: Team Buster
Congrats to all of our winners, and to all HETRA Teams for ensuring HETRA exceeded our goals this year!