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Congratulations Diamond for Winning the 2013 Horse of the Year!

Diamond’s Team: Lisa Stillahn

Diamond is the “Gem in HETRA’s herd.  She is the youngest HETRA horse at 10 years old & was voted 2010 HETRA Horse of the Year.  Diamond is the first horse that we have raised from a baby to become a therapy horse.

Vote for Diamond to “SHINE” brightly as HETRA’s 2013 Horse of the Year.

Total Raised For Diamond: $2,926.00

(last updated 4/21/13)

Thank You for Supporting Team Diamond!

Timothy K,  Kristin K,  Ricky R,  Lisa S,  Candace G,  Timothy & Ann M,  Selaba T,  Vickie W,  Tamara K,  Kathy S,  Lyudmila M,  Nancy W,  Lisa F,  Jason H,  Tamara P,  David P,  Kimberly A, Staci K,  Stevie L,  Marty A,   Jennifer O,  Martin S,  Mary M,  Mary T,  Anne H,  Jenna Z,  Gerri S,  Cheryl W,  Peggy M,  William H,  Deb H,  Lisa M

Student Kelli took a collection up at school

to raise money for Team Diamond and Team Trixie!