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We partner with community organizations to help better serve people with special needs and challenges. As we continue to witness how horses help so many diverse needs, we are building even deeper relationships and more meaningful collaborations that enrich the lives of so many.

Our Collaborations Include: 

“OMNI Behavioral Health toured HETRA’s facility last fall, and found that the services that HETRA offered could be a great benefit to our clients that we serve.  HETRA’s Adaptive riding and Therapy Services are great programs that create wonderful opportunities for our clients.  OMNI Behavioral Health is hoping to have the opportunity to have our client’s participate and work in HETRA’s new Tack Shack.  The vocational and life skills that our clients would be learning while working in the Tack Shack would provide a unique and exciting learning environment.”   

“ILC toured HETRA with interest in forming a volunteer relationship. HETRA offers the opportunity for individuals ILC supports to explore a wider range of vocational options. The HETRA staff have been very helpful with teaching new skills and welcoming ILC into their organization.”

Micah Miller, Vocational Manager
Integrated Life Choices

“Creighton University Department of Pediatrics has been a longtime supporter of HETRA.  I have been so impressed with the testimonials of parents whose children have benefited from equine therapy that I have incorporated a visit to HETRA into the curriculum of our Medical School”   Terence Zach MD, Chair Pediatrics, Creighton University.

“Thank you very much again for all of your help over the semesters.  I know that the students who have volunteered with you have really enjoyed their time. More students choose HETRA as their top choice than any of our other partners. I think that speaks to the important work that you do at your exciting organization.”

Daniel Aksamit, Clarkson College

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