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Rita Borgstadt, Intake Coordinator & Certified Instructor

Rita started volunteering with HETRA in 2009, became a PATH, Intl. Certified instructor in 2013, and became our full-time Intake Coordinator in 2015.  She has a Bachelor Degree in Education & Human Development from University Nebraska – Lincoln.

Rita also has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from University Nebraska – Omaha, as well as an Associate in Ministry – ECLA Lutheran Church.   In her free time, Rita enjoys her grandchildren, working on her stained glass projects, reading, gardening and watching UNL Volleyball!   

“My favorite memory at HETRA is watching a young man who on the day of his evaluation would only hide behind him mother when he was brought into the arena. A week later he was able to mount Lady, one of our largest horses and ride with a huge smile on his face.
Watching a young visually impaired rider independently ride her horse for the first time through a set of patterns. Seeing her pride and excitement as she accomplished this.” 

“HETRA allows me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our riders. I love working with our riders, watching them achieve different things each week and then watching their smiles and giggles as they realize what they have just accomplished. I also love to watch the interactions between the riders and our horses. How gently our horses can be and how excited our riders are to see their horse each week. I also love the opportunity to work with their families and of course the great volunteers who have such a passion for our riders and the horses.”

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