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Co-Sponsored by:  Karen Sedoris & Don and Debbie Nelson

Breed: Warmblood

Age: 15

Height: 15 Hands

Color: Chestnut

Programs: Therapeutic Riding

Meet Galiana . . . AKA “Ali.” She is one of our newest HETRA therapy horses that completed her training fairly quickly, in just 60 days! Ali is enjoying being at the HETRA barn, and works with riders in Independent Riding and Therapeutic Riding. Ali is a 14 year old American Warmblood mare and was a jumper horse in her previous career! Ali works extremely well with teaching students in high level English riding and collection. She is a very valuable member of our team, as she is one in a handful of HETRA horses trained to work with participants in English riding, and she is quite strong and can carry the weight of an adult rider. Ali is patient at the mount, and very willing to try whatever the student rider is asking, such as steering, collection, and learning to post. She moves in all three planes of motion; front to back, side to side, and rotational, which is perfect for riders that need the stimulation of her movement. She is also great for staff and volunteers who want to learn the art of lunging.  Ali shows us daily how truly amazing she is in the arena. She serves an average of 10 students per week, and is fast becoming a barn favorite!

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