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Event: Equine Communication Clinic


Equine Communication Clinic. Saturday, November 11th, 2pm – 4pm located at the HETRA Facility. 10130 S.222nd Street, Gretna, NE – Register Now!
Attend this insightful clinic and hear two professionals discuss the ins and outs of equine communication.
For the first half of our clinic, attendees will learn equine herd dynamics from the HETRA horse herd themselves. Our most playful and spirited equine staff members will demonstrate how horses interact, socialize, interact, and “speak” with one another. Attendees will be guided and assisted by HETRA staff to discover how our horses communication relate to our everyday lives.
For the second half of our clinic, Cindy Downing, professional animal communicator and evidential medium, will be speaking on equine communication. Attendees will gain insights into the thoughts and feelings of their equine companions.
• For those interested, please bring a picture of your horse (or other furry loved one). Cindy will be offering brief, free animal readings for those who would like to participate and have a picture as part of her presentation.
$10 registration fee for HETRA volunteers and family. $20 registration fee for the public. Please secure your clinic spot by registering at