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Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: 14

Color: Grey

Programs: Therapeutic Riding, Independent Riding, Hippotherapy

Sassy… Diva…Smart.  Meet Diamond.

Diamond is a 14 year old Quarter Horse mare and has been a staple in the HETRA program since 2008.  She serves our riders in several programs, but her specialty is Therapeutic Riding and Independent Riding.  Diamond is ideal for the independent rider or those trying to advance their skills because she is a free spirit, and Diamond will challenge you. That’s also what makes her sassy and smart!

Did you know that Diamond is the only horse that was born on HETRA property and bred to be a therapy horse!  That makes her the Diva of the barn.  She was certainly “Born to Ride!”

Diamond is currently seeking a sponsor!  If you are interested in sponsoring Diamond or learning more about our Horse Sponsorship program please contact Lisa Shkolnick at (402) 359-8830 or