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Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: 16

Color: Grey

Height: 16.0 hands

Programs: Adaptive Riding, Equine Services for Veterans, Independent Riding, Therapy Services

More About Quarter Horses:

Quarter Horses- or the American Quarter Horse- originate from America and get their name because they are the fastest horse running a quarter of a mile. They were originally bred to work on ranches; built sturdy to carry heavy riders, low to the ground to make frequent mounting and dismounting easy, and “quick as a cat” to work cattle with ease.  Over the years, the breed has evolved into one of the most versatile breeds- competing in events ranging from the traditional working ranch horse, to dressage, to light harness driving, to western pleasure, to barrel racing, and still compete in quarter mile racing. HETRA’s Quarter Horses- Coby, Diamond, Georgie, Ivy, Jewel, Macy, Rainbow, and Red are a GREAT example of the breeds diversity.

Diamond is currently seeking a sponsor!  If you are interested in sponsoring Diamond or learning more about our Horse Sponsorship program please contact Lisa Shkolnick at (402) 359-8830 or