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Our horses are a very valuable part of the HETRA team, but are also one of the most costly parts of our program.

Each therapy horse costs HETRA approximately $350 per month to feed and care for. With over 20 horses in the HETRA herd that adds up very quickly!

Imagine what it feels like to sponsor a horse, knowing that horse is playing a significant role in the physical improvement and development of children and adults with disabilities.  Add to that the great joy, confidence, sense of pride and self-esteem your horse brings to people with disabilities.

If you are interested in helping HETRA feed and care for our horses we offer different levels of horse sponsorship that are listed in the donation form below. If you would like to sponsor a particular horse feel free to visit “Horses” page and choose a member of our herd that is not currently being sponsored.

HETRA is looking for horse sponsors in the following areas:

Sponsor a Horse for one week – $80.00
Sponsor a horse for one month – $350.00
Sponsors a horse for 6 months – $2,000.00
Sponsor a horse for 12 months – $4,000.00*

Sponsors will receive recognition on HETRA’s website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as in the Annual Report and Newsletter.  *Sponsors contributing at the one year level will also have a plaque on the horse’s stall recognizing their generous one year sponsorship.  


If you are interested in sponsoring a horse, please click the “make a donation” button below.

Click Here to download the printable Horse Sponsorship Brochure

Click here to meet the horses in the HETRA Herd!

Thank you!