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Breed: Standardbred

Age: 23

Color: Bay

Weight Limit: 150 lbs

Programs: Therapeutic Riding, Hippotherapy

In Smokey’s earlier years, he was a Standardbred Harness racing  horse who went by the name of Kevin’s Charger. Upon retiring due to an injury, Smokey was adopted by the Omaha Mounted Patrol, keeping our city streets safe.  He retired from the mounted patrol in 2010, trading in his fast paced life as a patrol horse, for gentler reins with our participants.
Smokey is known for his even temperament and reliable personality around the HETRA barn.  He is great with impulsive riders, and his laid back approach makes him one of the fan favorites of his riders, instructors,and volunteers. He works in our Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding programs, and in 2012 was crowned the coveted title of “Horse of the Year” (HOTY!).

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