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King is currently sponsored by James C. Semerad Foundation

Breed: Belgium / Quarter Horse

Age: 7

Color: Palomino

Programs: Carriage Driving

Before coming to HETRA, King had a pretty cool job pulling a sleigh during the winter.  Now, King has a “very cool” job pulling the HETRA Driving Carriage!  He is one of an elite few therapy horses at HETRA that provide this form of therapy and activity. He’s a draft cross which means he has a stocky, strong build.  At 15.3 hands tall and weighing 1,400 lbs, you can see why he is a perfect match for HETRA’s Carriage Driving.  King is very patient with our drivers, and responds extremely well to the signals and guidance coming from the carriage seat.  He enjoys long rides in the pasture and around the HETRA Barn.