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Breed: Belgian/ Haflinger

Age: 9

Color: Chestnut

Height: 15.3 hands

Programs: Carriage Driving

More About Belgians:

Belgian Draft Horses- or Belgian’s for short- are a more genetically refined draft horse, coming from the heavier built Brabant- also called Belgian Heavy Drafts. Brabant’s originated in the Flanders region of Europe in the Middle Ages. Over the years- breeders in America have bred the modern Belgian that we know today to be a bit shorter-often having wide, short backs and characteristic “double muscling” over their croup making them one of the strongest draft breeds despite their slightly smaller stature. Belgian’s have medium sized hooves and minimal feathering around their feet in comparison to many other draft breeds. A chestnut body color with a white mane and tail are the desired color for Belgians, although they can also be bay or roan in color. Belgians are best known for their extreme strength. Today they are used in a variety of work including: plowing, logging, pulling sleighs, and carriages. They are gaining popularity in riding disciplines ranging from leisure riding to jumping.