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Equine Services For Veterans

Equine Experience Event – All Military Personnel

Fourth Friday’s of the month, from 1-4pm  Click here to see the upcoming days & times available. 

Prior service, active military, including reserves, and veterans of any age and type of disability are welcome to participate in this program. This one-day event will introduce the novice and reacquaint the experienced to Herd Dynamics, Grooming practices, Horse Leading and Round Pen activities. Veterans will participate in these sessions conducted by the HETRA Team. The Team consists of PATH Certified Riding Instructors, Occupational Therapists, a Mental Health Therapist as well as Veteran Volunteers. Use this link to reserve your spot or contact Chris O’Callaghan at 402-359-8830.



Interested in Riding? 

HETRA started our Veteran program in September of 2010.  Veterans of any age and type of disability are encouraged to explore participation in this program (specific precautions and contraindications to horseback riding will be addressed through a thorough evaluation by an occupational therapist to determine eligibility).  Our Veteran program is designed to evaluate and provide opportunities for improvement physically, mentally and socially for participants.  Veterans will participate in 45 minute sessions conducted by the HETRA team.  The HETRA team consists of Veteran Volunteers (Horse leaders and Sidewalkers to assist the participant), PATH, Intl. Certified Instructors, Occupational Therapists, and a Mental Health Therapist. If you have questions or are interested in enrolling in the Equine Services for Veterans Program please contact Edye Godden at or (402) 359-8830.

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