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Tuesdays with Tenneson; Class of ’17

Published on August 8, 2017 under Uncategorized

Hi Everyone,

We have had some exciting “graduations” at HETRA recently. The first is the graduation of my best friend, Georgie. Georgie officially became a therapeutic riding horse last week. I saw him working very hard to pass his mock lessons with the HETRA staff in the arena. The staff said he passed them all with flying colors. Georgie is now working in lessons with the HETRA participants! But don’t forget, even though Georgie graduated before me, I’m still the boss in our pasture! Make sure to say “congrats” to Georgie the next time you’re at the barn.

Our second graduation happened on the last weekend of July. During the week of July 27, the HETRA barn hosted what the staff calls “a workshop and certification.” Many of our staff were there to participate, and we also had participants from out of state. Visitors came from all over – even as far away as Kentucky. The staff told me that they would be learning how to become an “equine specialist in mental health and learning.” I was especially excited because I got to play in one of their exercises! The participants practiced building relationships with me and my pasture mates. I had a great time showing them how to bond with a super playful (and handsome) horse like myself. The staff told me that all the participants passed their tests. Congrats to our ESMHL graduates!