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Tuesdays with Tenneson; Herd Updates

Published on May 18, 2017 under Uncategorized

Hello everyone,

Life at the barn has been a bustle of activity. Amongst the activity, there have been changes in my herd. Two of my friends have left HETRA to transition into retirement. My friend Jessie has returned home to live with his owner, our very own staff member Erin Bevington. Did you know  Jessie worked with HETRA for nine whole years? He worked in therapeutic riding, hippotherapy, and even our independent riding program. Although we will miss him he is very happy in retirement. As you can see from the picture above, he spends his days munching away on lush pasture. I hope I will be a great therapy horse like Jessie one day.

Another one of my friends, Buster, has also left for retirement this week. Did you know that Buster was one of a kind? He was the only Morgan (breed of horse) in the whole HETRA barn. Even more impressive, he was the only HETRA horse that worked exclusively in the driving program. Buster is great at pulling the cart for our therapeutic driving lessons. Unfortunately, an old injury has started to flare up, and the HETRA staff decided it was time for Buster to go home, relax, and enjoy retirement

Although these friends have left, there are more horses getting ready to work in our program. My friends Dude and Georgie have been hard at work learning therapeutic riding. They’ve been doing great with the help of the HETRA staff and are almost ready to start lessons. For real! (I’m kind of jealous, but please don’t tell them!)

Maybe most exciting of all is that one of my friends is a true winner. Yesterday, Charm won the Horse Penny Race and has been officially crowned the 2017 HETRA HOTY (horse of the year). Congratulations to Charm, but watch out. I know I’ll win the race next year!