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Tuesdays with Tenneson; New Kids on the Block

Published on March 28, 2017 under Uncategorized

Hi everyone,

If you decide to visit the barn this week, you may notice some new faces. HETRA recently welcomed two new horses to my herd! They are on the north side of the barn, pretty close to my stall. They’ve been great new neighbors, even though they won’t share their hay.

My first new neighbor’s name is “Dude”. Dude is an 18 year old gray gelding.  He’s a purebred Arabian which means he has a delicate, slim build and a dished face. Before Dude came to HETRA, he rode with his owner in competitive trail competitions. He was a great trail horse, but he eventually developed some arthritis and needed to retire from competition life. We are happy that his new job is at HETRA! Dude will begin training in the next few weeks.

My next neighbor’s name is “King”. King is a 7 year old palomino gelding. He’s a draft cross which means he has a stocky, strong build. Like Dude, King had a pretty cool job before he came to HETRA. He used to pull a sleigh during the winter. You might see King working with his new owner, physical therapist and PATH instructor, Paula Wachholtz. They are both working hard to get King ready for his training. You might notice that King looks a lot like one of our current therapy horses, Leroy!  But don’t worry, you can tell the difference with just a few tips. Leroy has bright blue eyes and a straight mane, while King has brown eyes and a curly mane. King is really looking forward to starting therapy work.    

Please don’t hesitate to say hello to my new neighbors the next time you drop by the HETRA barn!