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Tuesdays with Tenneson; Oh, Baby!

Published on April 4, 2017 under Uncategorized

Hello everyone,

I have some very exciting news! As some of you know, one of my horse friends, Tia, was expecting a baby. She went home to prepare for her baby’s birth in mid-March. I’m happy to say, Tia’s baby has officially arrived. She welcomed a colt (horseman’s term for “boy”) into the world on April 1st. As you can see in their first family photo, the baby boy is brown with white markings. But, don’t be fooled! Tia’s baby will eventually change color. After a few years, Tia’s baby will be gray just like his mom. I am thrilled to finally be an uncle!

Apparently, some of the HETRA staff went to something called a “conference” this past weekend. They told me they taught training techniques to other centers and also learned some new ones themselves. In training this morning, they practiced some of these new techniques and games. It was challenging, but it was fun too! I REALLY had to pay attention to what my leader was saying. I’m a pretty smart guy (if I do say so myself) and I caught on quickly. The HETRA staff is always coming up with new training techniques and exercises to keep me happy and fit. The life of a HETRA horse is pretty sweet!