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Tuesdays with Tenneson; Party Time

Published on May 1, 2018 under Uncategorized

Wow, it’s been a busy week here at the HETRA barn!!!  There was a lot of lifting, moving and cleaning to prepare for a big event that happened on Saturday, the 28th – Blue Jeans and Dreams! My human friends spent hours and hours getting the barn and arena set up for an auction, dinner and line dancing.  It was pretty fun to watch them scurry about!  We (the horses) had the whole week off, but we invited everyone who came on Saturday evening to come visit us in our stalls.  It was very cool to see everyone and meet all of the people that support us and HETRA!  It sounded like everyone was having a great time (I especially enjoyed the music)!!  All the staff and volunteers here are so grateful for everyone who came.

Another amazing thing that happened is that I moved to FIRST place in the Horse of the Year contest!!  I can’t even believe it!!  And I’ve been told that the winner is going to be announced live on Facebook on May 11th!!  I’m not 100% sure what that all means, but it sure sounds fun.  Plus, I love to be on camera, so I hope I end up winning! 

There is still time to support your favorite horse in the Horse of the Year contest.  Who do you want to see featured on Facebook on May 11th?  Is it me?  Smokey?  Leroy?  Whoever you choose, support them soon!

HETRA Driving carriages on display for Blue Jeans and Dreams




Arena set up for Blue Jeans and Dreams