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Tuesdays with Tenneson ; Play Time

Published on April 10, 2018 under Uncategorized

Hello everyone!  What a fun week it’s shaping up to be at the barn!  Flower beds all over the property are getting spruced up by the Life Skills students, green grass is starting to grow and my barn mates and I are feeling great and enjoying our new turn out pens!  My human friends worked very hard at getting them ready and WOW are they awesome!  They are so safe and comfortable!  Filled with just the right amount of sand.  The first thing I do when I get turned out is roll, roll, and roll some more. Then I like to run and play with my friends Finn, Coach and Red.  I am so thankful to everyone who worked on our new pens. It definitely makes a horse feel important!   

This weekend, Smokey will be attending and representing HETRA at The International Horse Show in Omaha this weekend.  It sounds like so much fun!  He will be famous!  He will get to meet so many new people and get lots and lots of pats on the neck. He will be stalled next to other horses, where folks will get to learn about some of the different breeds of horses.  I think it’s called The Gallery of Breeds.  It sure sounds like something I would like to do one day!  There will also be lots of other fun things for kids, adults and everyone to do there.  And there will be plenty of fancy show horses and competitions going on!  Smokey wanted me to tell you all to stop by his stall and say Hi if you’re at The International this weekend!


New turn out pens at HETRA!