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Tuesdays with Tenneson; Saddle Up

Published on April 11, 2017 under Uncategorized

Hello everyone, 

Today at the barn, it was saddle fitting day. Although most people don’t realize it, saddle fit is very important for me (for all horses too). If my saddle doesn’t fit well, it could pinch, rub, or otherwise hurt me! I’ve heard the HETRA staff compare saddles to running shoes. They said that running in shoes that are too small would hurt a person, and saddles are the same way for horses! Because it’s so important, the HETRA staff does a big saddle fitting day every six months. Like people, horse’s bodies change over time with exercise, diet, and age. For example, some horses might lose weight or gain muscle in six months’ time. Not every horse can be naturally slim and muscular like me! The staff helps each horse try on every saddle to see what fits. From the view in my stall, it looked like a lot of work. But, I’m happy I have a whole list of saddles that fit me so well. It makes working in the arena even more fun.

P.S. Did you know that the miniature horses (Stormy and Blue) are the only horses that aren’t ridden at HETRA?  They were pretty sad they missed out on saddle fitting day. Please consider cheering them up by donating to them in the race for HETRA HOTY.