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Tuesdays with Tenneson; Sweet Hershey

Published on July 18, 2017 under Uncategorized

Hello everyone,

I’m very excited to tell you about my new herd member. Hershey is the newest addition to the HETRA barn. He came from a barn in Beaver crossing, NE, which is about an hour away. Hershey is now the smallest pony at HETRA (excluding the miniature horses). He’s a brown dun, meaning he is a dark brown color (just like a bar of chocolate!) with a black mane and tail. He also has a dark stripe that runs right up the center of his back. I’m not sure what breed he is, but I do know he had a pretty cool past.

In his past career, Hershey worked as a kids ranch and trail horse. His experience with kids makes Hershey a great addition to HETRA! He is now training to work in our therapeutic riding program. Besides Therapeutic Riding, Hershey aspires to work in our Hippotherapy program, and maybe even our independent riding program. I’ve seen him working with our staff in the arena a few times now. He’s been practicing HETRA’s leading method and working with toys. He hasn’t been at the barn long, but he’s doing a great job with his work so far. He’s doing so well, the staff says he will start his mock lessons this week. If you want to say hello to Hershey, he lives across the hallway from my stall. But, make sure you come say hello to me first! I’m so happy to welcome Hershey as my new herdmate!