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Welcome to the Mane Message!

Published on June 24, 2019 under Uncategorized

Hello all!!  My name is Lady, and as current HOTY (Horse of the Year), I’m bringing you the Mane Message from the HETRA barn!  The barn is a busy place, and it’s where a lot of great things happen!  This summer my stablemates and I are in the thick of HOTY 2019.  This very competitive race runs through August 2.  Each of my friends tries to get the most votes to win the title.  Money = votes!  My friends and I have excellent caretakers and the money raised goes toward our feed, bedding, veterinary care, farrier care, fly spray, etc.  All of the necessary items required to keep us happy and healthy.  Please choose your favorite horse and vote!  I’d love to win again this year, but I’ll be happy for whoever ends up HOTY 2019.   The winner will be announced August 3 at our Participant Awards Party and Barn Bash!!