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Horse of the Year Race


2018 HETRA Horse of the Year Penny Race EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS! 

16 Teams raised a total of $30,275! 

We beat our overall goal of $29,000.  


HOTY (Horse of the Year) goes to Lady – Raised $4,179!


In 2nd Place: Team Tenneson!  Raised $3,998

In 3rd Place: Team Red! Raised $2,883

In 4th Place: Team Rainbow!  Raised $2,828

In 5th Place: Team King!  Raised $1,971

Thank you to ALL of our Team Captains and Team Members!  We are so very proud of our staff and volunteers who led this amazing campaign to raise the much needed funds to take care of our entire HETRA herd! 

Click here to see final standings for all teams! 

Check out the official announcement video here! 

Additional prizes also awarded to the following: 

Best Horse Racing Name: “Run for the Roses Rainbow” 

Best Poster: Waldo

Most Facebook Likes, Comments, or Shares: Tie- Team Macy & Leroy

Most Money raised in Coin Jars: Team King

Raised Exactly the goal amountof $1,800: Team Honey

Most money raised at Texas Roadhouse: Team Galaxy

Congrats to all of our winners, and to all HETRA Teams for ensuring HETRA exceeded our goals this year!