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Meet The HETRA Herd

Meet The Minis

Horses we have loved and lost…

EQUUS Foundation 2019 Guardian

We are pleased to announce that HETRA is an EQUUS Foundation 2019 Guardian. 

The purpose of the Guardians program is to encourage equine organizations to be transparent and accountable to the public through the disclosure of their equine care and use practices and to reward equine organizations that are operating at the highest standards for horse care and use. 

For the Love of Horses

The EQUUS Foundation is the only national charity in the United States 100% dedicated to ensuring the welfare of America’s horses and fostering the horse-human bond. Their mission is to protect America’s horses and strengthen the bond between horses and people.

Their mission is safeguarding the comfort and dignity of America’s horses throughout their lives and sharing their ability to empower,
teach and heal with as many people as possible.

They focus on:

  • EMPOWERING equine charities to operate at the highest standards for horse care and service and be fully transparent by providing financial support, recognition, guidance, and resources;
  • INSPIRING horse lovers to become horse protectors by stimulating advocacy and volunteerism; 
  • EDUCATING the public on the value of horses in our lives by sharing stories of their amazing achievements and contributions.
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  • 2024 Mission Thank You
    2024 Mission Thank You

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