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Equine-Facilitated Mental Health

Equine-Facilitated Mental Health is a specialty area of practice in which licensed mental health professionals provide regulated mental health services in an environment working with horses. 

(The Clinical Practice of Equine-Assisted Therapy: Including Horses in Human Healthcare by Leif Hallberg)

HETRA offers Individual Mental Health Sessions both mounted and unmounted along with multiple groups. 

Ages 5-12

Mane Expressions 

Mane Expressions is an emotionally focused, parent and child-oriented group experience that explores an individual's core emotions through co-regulation practices. Each group participant will engage with their parent/caregiver to learn skills to increase emotional and sensory recognition and regulation. This group experience will combine equine and human interactions and connection opportunities to work through intense emotions while engaging in mindfulness-based practices.

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Ages 13-18


Resiliency Group features groundwork without equine partners throughout a 12-week course. This program helps enhance resiliency skills, create connections, and much more! This group meets weekly on Tuesday evenings. 


Connections Group meets on the third Friday of the month and features groundwork with our equine partners. This program helps enhance relationship and communication skills, teamwork, symptom management, and much more!

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Ages 19-25


Join us for a monthly group experience - Young Adult Connections. Our young adult group experience specifically targets the needs of young adults including but not limited to enhancing confidence, balance, personal strengths and so much more. Make some new, long-lasting friendships and have some fun! This immersive group experience will also combine equine and human interactions. Equine interactions can assist with increasing confidence and hope when it comes to navigating the challenges of housing, educational systems, employment, and relationships.

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Ages 25+

Healing Thru Hooves

Our Healing Thru Hooves group is for adult individuals post-pandemic or having survived a traumatic event and experiencing post-traumatic symptoms. This group offers unique experience-based learning. 

Caregiver Connections

Join us for a monthly adult-oriented group experience called Caregiver Connections. Not only will we explore the eight dimensions of wellness, but we will support each other to enhance connection and collaboration. Feeling stressed? We will also learn skills to alleviate stress and enhance our practice of self-care! This immersive group experience will combine equine and human interaction. Equine interactions can assist with increasing confidence and hope when it comes to caring for your loved ones and any challenges that caregiving comes with. Our team will assist you with mindful-based practices and navigating community resources.  

Caregiver Retreat

Caregiving can come with its own set of challenges, which is why we want to offer you a space where you can rejuvenate and connect with others who understand what you’re going through. Combining horse and human interaction creates a truly unique experience designed to increase your confidence and hope when it comes to caring for your loved one.  

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