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Host Your Company Retreat at HETRA

Come experience amazing team-building activities with the HETRA horses and staff. Engage in team-focused exercises, while working with horses in a fun and exciting atmosphere that will open doors to a new way of seeing yourself! 

Did you know HETRA offers an inviting space to host your next company outing? Whether you are looking for a gathering spot or a team bonding experience, HETRA is the place to find new ways to connect with your team!

Partner with our horses for a hands-on learning experience while developing your professional and personal skills. Sessions incorporate a variety of ground work and horsemanship activities such as grooming, leading and herd observation. All activities can be tailored to the personalized goals and preferences of your team!

Through Equine-Assisted Learning activities, your team can work on strengthening relationships, improving verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as increasing understanding of boundaries, trust, self-awareness, leadership, teamwork, self-respect, confidence, accountability, conflict resolution and so much more! 


Contact us to book a date for your Company Retreat at our Barn located at 10130 S 222nd Street Gretna, NE!

Custom pricing based on length of time and number of team members.

To learn more or to plan your Company Retreat, contact Edye Godden at (402) 359-8830 or 


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    2024 Mission Thank You

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