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Frequent Questions

Q: What is the cost of HETRA programs? 

A: Click here to view our billing policies. Click here for our Program Billing Breakdown.

Q: I am concerned about the cost of programming.  Is there financial assistance available? 

A: Yes!  Scholarships and outside funding are available for all participants in any program.  We can provide you with a list of outside funding sources that have been very supportive of HETRA families.

Q: How long are HETRA sessions? 

A: On average HETRA sessions are 30-45 minutes long. The length of the session will depend on the participant's tolerance, how many participants are in the class and what type of program you are participating in.  

Q: When are HETRA sessions offered? 

A: Riding sessions are primarily offered in the late afternoons and evenings Monday through Thursday.  We also have sessions running on Saturday mornings.

Q: Can I come for just one or two test rides? 

A: Due to the amount of paperwork and scheduling required to run our sessions we are not able to offer one time sessions.  All of our participants are scheduled for weekly sessions on the same day/time each week for one 12 week course.  

Q: What if I need to cancel my session? 

A: We appreciate as much notice as possible when canceling a session.  This allows us time to cancel volunteers, staff, and horses if needed.  If you need to cancel please fill out this participant absence notification form.  This form will allow all the staff to be notified of your cancellation.  If you are needing to cancel within 24 hours of your session, please go ahead and fill out that form but please also contact your instructor/therapist directly.  Instructor/therapist phone numbers can be found here

Q: Does HETRA offer sessions year-round? 

A: Yes!  The HETRA facility is heated and insulated.  We also have amazing fans in the arena that help to keep everyone cool in the summer.  We will occasionally cancel due to extreme heat or cold.  The HETRA staff will contact you directly if we do cancel.  

Q: How do I decide which program is best for my participant? 

A: At your initial evaluation you will be able to visit with one of our therapists that will help guide you through the process and make suggestions as to which program they feel your participant is best suited for.  

Q: Are there age limits for HETRA participants? 

A: Yes, we do have age limits. All participants that are aged 2-4 are able to participate in our therapy program only.  Participants aged 4 and up may participate in our other programs, with the exception of our public riding program.  Public riding participants must be a minimum of 5 years old.  

Q: Are there weight restrictions for HETRA participants? 

A: Yes, we do have weight restrictions for our riding participants.  The maximum weight limit for riding is 220 pounds, but this is dependent on how balanced a participant is on the horse.  If your participant exceeds our weight limit we can offer alternative programming including carriage driving and ground programs.    

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