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Committee Members

We have made our pledge, and welcome you to join us on this journey to a fully funded $3 million campaign.

Edye Godden
Executive Director

Steve Henthorn
Board of Directors President

Chris and Betsy Murphy
Honorary Chairs

Kimberly and Carl Falk

Solicitation Committee*:  Kris & Jessica Covi, Mike Doiel, Shawn Dunsmore, Kim & Carl Falk, Gail Graeve, Edye Godden, Steve Henthorn, Grant Janke
*The committee is still actively recruiting members to assist in the solicitation process.

Due Diligence Committee: Members who assisted in initiating the campaign and continue to advise in the various areas of the campaign.

Erin Bevington
Kyle Black
Lori Bliss
Rita Borstadt
Tom Cramer
Ryan Fleischer
Alex Hays
Lisa Hobza
Ellen Janssen
Julie Lagemann
Cindy Makinster
Dr. Lynn O’Hanlon
Darren Osten
Paige & Matt Rivard
Kathy Sangimino
Karen Sedoris
Katherine Smith
Lisa Stillahn
Ben Wormington

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