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Looking for the best Horse, Human, & Dog Supplements?

These products are designed to  improve and maintain your personal health, or that of your horse or dog. By purchasing through HETRA, you’ll be supporting an amazing cause while buying high-quality supplements!

Proceeds Benefit HETRA's Life Skills Program!

The GLC Store at HETRA will be run by our Life Skills Program participants who include young adults with disabilities learning vocational skills, at-risk youth, and Veterans. The GLC Store provides a rich hands-on learning experience for a retail setting to include business operation, taking inventory, stocking shelves, and filling orders.  Participants also learn soft skills such as time orientation, work safety,  teamwork, communication, and work etiquette. In addition, they learn about animal and human nutrition. These skills combined encourage personal responsibility and confidence to either take the next steps toward actual employment or a sense of fulfillment in being a productive member of society.

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